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Debit card protection with smsGuardian™

smsGuardian™, is a text alert service designed to help protect you against debit card fraud. Simply enroll your Community Bank, N.A. debit card to receive text alerts on your mobile phone or tablet.

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When you sign up for this free service, you get a text alert when your Community Bank, N.A. debit card is used for:

If you receive a text alert about a transaction that seems fraudulent, simply reply to the text message as directed to have your card blocked from further activity. If the transaction is authorized by you, no further action is required.

Protect your Community Bank, N.A. debit card today.


Does smsGuardian have security features in place to protect cardholder information from transmitting in text alerts?
Full cardholder information is not included in text messages to protect your confidentiality.
What happens if the cardholder does not reply to a text?
If no confirmed fraud response is received from a cardholder, the text message will time out after 12 hours.
Will the text appear to be from smsGuardian, or from Community Bank, N.A.?
The text message will be from CommBk Guardian Alert. Community Bank will never ask you to provide your account number, pin number or social security number. If you are suspicious about a phone call, text or email message you get, please call the toll-free number on the back of your debit card. Do not reply to a text message that asks for personal or account information.
If I respond to the text alert from smsGuardian, how long will it take to block the card?
Cardholder responses are given the highest priority in the system, which allows for very quick response.
How long is the enrollment period?
The enrollment period is one year.
Do cardholders receive a renewal notification?
A renewal notification message will be sent to your phone six days prior to expiration. Three renewal text message attempts will be made before the device is set to expire. If you do not respond, the device will be removed from smsGuardian upon expiration.
If I have a 'Do Not Disturb' window setup on my device and an alert occurs, does smsGuardian send a text when the window is off?
'Do Not Disturb' windows are optional and can be set at enrollment. During the window, alerts will not be sent. When this time period is over, text alerts will be transmitted, including any created during the 'Do Not Disturb' window.
If a cardholder does not respond to a text, and the transaction turns out to be fraudulent, can the cardholder still file a Reg. E claim?
Absolutely. This service does not impact consumer protections under Regulation E.
What if a cardholder wants to change the rules that apply to the service?
At this time the rules are set at a universal level, and cannot be varied by the cardholder.
What if I am traveling out of the country? Can I just turn off the International Alert?
The cardholder would need to stop the service all together, and re-enroll upon reentering the United States.
I have more questions about this service. Who can I contact?
Contact our Electronic Banking Help Desk at 1-866-764-8638.

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Debit card text alert fraud prevention service provided by smsGuardian. Enrollment required for service activation. Message and data rates from your wireless carrier may apply. Your mobile device must have the ability to send and receive text messages. smsGuardian text alerts should not replace regular personal monitoring of your accounts. You may unsubscribe from this service at any time by visiting the smsGuardian website or by texting the word “STOP” in reply to a Guardian Alert.

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