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Identity Theft

Identity theft occurs when someone illegally obtains your personal information, such as Social Security Number or bank account number, and uses it to open new accounts or initiate transactions in your name. Financial loss and damaged credit can result.

While thieves can obtain personal information via online methods, the majority of identity theft occurs offline. Stealing wallets and purses, intercepting or rerouting your mail, and rummaging through your garbage are some common tactics thieves use to obtain personal information.

The more information you have about avoiding Identity Theft, the better you'll be able to protect yourself.

Online fraud

This occurs when someone poses as a legitimate company to obtain personal data and illegally conducts transactions on your existing accounts. "Phishing" or "Spoofing" are common methods of online fraud utilizing fake emails and websites, and pop-up windows to obtain sensitive information.

Remember that Community Bank, N.A. will never send unsolicited email containing attachments, or require customers to send personal information to us via email or pop-up windows. Any unsolicited request for Community Bank, N.A. account information you receive through emails, websites, or pop-up windows should be considered fraudulent and reported to us immediately.

Fake emails will often:

Email addresses are often obtained from publicly available resources, or through randomly generated lists. If you receive a fake email that appears to be from Community Bank, N.A., this does not mean that your email address, name, or any other information has been taken from Community Bank, N.A.'s systems.

Again, the more information you have, the better you can protect yourself:

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