Community Bank, N.A., (CBNA) is a full-service financial institution and national banking subsidiary of Community Bank System, Inc. With locations across Upstate New York and Northeastern Pennsylvania, CBNA offers personal loans, mortgages, checking and savings accounts, credit and debit cards, online banking, mobile banking, commercial loans, cash management and more. In addition to a full range of retail and business banking services, the company offers comprehensive financial planning, insurance and wealth-management services.
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No Closing Cost Mortgage1

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Home Equity Line of Credit2

3 Month Intro APR


Personal Loan3

Rates as low as

4.74% APR

Small Business Loan3

Rates as low as

5.50% Fixed Rate


Rates are accurate as of 9/15/18 and subject to change without notice. All loans and lines are subject to credit approval. 1Valid on owner occupied, 1–4-family residential properties. Property and hazard insurance are required and are the responsibility of the borrower. For mortgages with less than 20% down payment, Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) is required and customer is responsible for PMI premiums. Other applicable fees/charges, including deed stamps or deed transfer taxes, are not mortgage closing costs and will not be paid by the Bank. If a customer elects to obtain owner title insurance, the customer is responsible for the owner title insurance premium. Single-wide mobile homes are not eligible for the no closing cost mortgage. Double-wide mobile homes are eligible for the no closing cost mortgage only if permanently attached to a foundation. Should the no closing cost mortgage be closed or discharged within the first three years, the Bank may collect the third-party closing costs from the customer that were waived when the loan was opened. If a customer selects an attorney to represent him/her, customer is responsible for attorney fees. Community Bank will not pay for a survey, nor any other item that is ordinarily paid for by the seller. ADDITIONAL “NO CLOSING COSTS” PRODUCT DISCLOSURE: “No closing costs” means no: origination fee/points; application fee; flood check fee; credit report fee; appraisal fee; mortgage recording fee; abstract update or title search fee; lender title insurance fees; bank attorney fee; mortgage recording tax. ²Valid on owner-occupied 1–4-family residential properties to customers with marketable (as determined by Lender or Lender’s Attorney) title to the property that is to secure the loan. The 0% introductory rate is available for all Home Equity Line of Credit options. A minimum draw of $25,000 is required at time of closing to qualify for advertised offer. After 3 months the Rate of interest will be adjusted to the then current Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Prime Lending rate. The rate of interest is variable, and will adjust in accordance with changes to the WSJ Prime Lending Rate, with a maximum rate of interest of 14.50%. Single-wide mobile homes are not eligible for Home Equity Lines of Credit. Double-wide mobile homes are eligible only if permanently attached to a foundation. ³Certain conditions and restrictions may apply. Ask for details.

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